Tank Trouble 4 Game Reviews

Tank Trouble 4

Want a simple but engaging PC game to play with your peers and pass time? Want an online game that needs no game controllers to play it? Tank Trouble 4 is one awesome game you should check out. Tank trouble 4 is an online PC shooting tank game where you are supposed to control a small tank and shoot down your enemies (computer and friends) in a maze. You get points for shooting down the enemy and advance to the next level. As you play on, the difficulty of the levels increases significantly and you have to better your skills of shooting at every level. You can play it in a single player mode, 2 player mode and 3 player mode.

Tank Trouble 4 Game ReviewsHow to play Tank Trouble 4

The aim of this simple game is to control a small tank and shoot rounds aiming to take down your opponents’ tank depending on the mode you are playing in. Here is how to play Tank Trouble 4 in the various multiplayer modes;

· Single player mode- in this mode, a single player plays against the computer system. The computer system is a character called Laika that fires missiles at you through a system of mazes. Your aim is to control your tank and shoot at Laika and take him out.

· 2 player mode- here two players compete against each other shooting missiles at on another. The players use given controls on the computer keyboard to manipulate their tanks and aim to take each other out. It’s simple, whoever takes the other one down wins the game.

· 3 player mode- three players compete against one another, each controlling a tanker and the aim is to control the tankers and take down the enemy tankers. The two players will be playing from a single keyboard while the third uses the mouse to control the third tank.

During the game, there will be special power ups that will pop up on the mazes and they add special powers to your tank. A player should therefore aim to pick these special powers to improve the firepower of his/her tank.

There are many weapons available in the game. From normal bullets to special bombs that will kill the enemy in one go. As the level advances, you will have the choice to change these weapons.To dodge the bullets shot, you should squeeze against the walls of the maze. This reduces the risk of the bullet hitting you.

Controls to use when playing

This game requires no game controllers to be plugged in for you to play it. All you need is the computer keyboard and a mouse. Below are the controls for you and your friends to use when playing the game.

Player 1 (Q-shoot) E, S, D, F (to navigate the tank up, left, down and right respectively)

Player 2 (M-shoot) key arrows (to navigate the tank to the respective directions indicated by the navigation arrows)

Player 3 (Click-shoot) Move mouse (to navigate the tank to the desired direction)

This is a really simple but interesting game that anyone should check out at his free time. Be It at home with your friends, during the coffee break at work or just anytime you are seeking to get entertained online with your friends. This is a game for people of all ages. Play Tank Trouble 4 today and enjoy the fun.