Tank Trouble 2 Free PC Game Review

Sometimes when we are free and have internet connectivity we look for awesome games to play online. Most of the free available games online are either not as good, filled with too many ads or just don’t work at all. Tank Trouble 2 is however a very different case. Tank Trouble 2 is an online free PC game with a simple but awesome gameplay. It is a better version of its predecessor Tank Trouble Unlocked with better graphics and fixed bugs.

Tank Trouble 2 is an online shooting game where the player controls a tank and shoots aiming to take out the enemy tanks in the game. The tanks are separated in a maze and the player is supposed to navigate the maze and time perfectly the right moment to launch an assault on the enemy. The game has 3 playing modes; single player mode, 2player mode and 3player mode.

Tank Trouble 2 Free PC Game ReviewHow to play Tank Trouble 2
The aim of this free online shooting game is to take down your friends’ tanks. If you manage to shoot down your friends’ tanks, then hurray! you are the winner. Sounds pretty easy and amazing, doesn’t it? It however, is not as easy as it sounds to control the tank through the maze and shoot effectively. Here is the game play in the three available modes;

Single player mode-in these mode you will be playing against the computer system. The computer in this case is a character called Laika that you are supposed to overpower and hence win the game. If you don’t, Laika is a lethal character and will shoot you down in a minute if you are not careful. Once you win in the first level, the levels will grow in difficulty and the random maps with mazes will get more complex and harder to navigate.

2 player mode-in this mode, you will be playing against one friend and each one of you will be controlling a separate tank. The objective is simple; control your tank and shoot down your friend. Remember the 'bullets’ from the tank will ricochet off the walls of the maze and blow up your own tank if you don’t work your angles well.

3 player mode- in these mode, you will be playing against two of your friends. Each will once again be controlling a tank and aiming to kill the other two in order to reign supreme and win in the game. It is a harder mode compared to the two player mode because you have to be aware of two impending enemy fire. We all love challenges however, don’t we?

When playing this game in both modes, you will be required to dodge the enemy’s bullets or else your tank will be blown and you will lose. A good tip to avoid the enemy shots is to lead your tank to the maze wall and the bullets will most likely miss hitting you. As you play on, the mazes will change in complexity and difficulty. It just calls for more care by you to survive. The additional bonuses that will be popping up on the screen as you play will help to improve your firepower. Pick them up for upgraded and better weapons.

Controls to use in Tank Trouble 2
The amazing thing that I like about this game is that it requires no game controllers to be plugged in for you to play it. All you need is the computer keyboard and a mouse. Below are the keyboard and mouse controls for you and your friends to use when playing the game.

Player 1 (Q-shoot) E, S, D, F (to navigate the tank up, left, down and right respectively)

Player 2 (M-shoot) key arrows (to navigate the tank to the respective directions indicated by the navigation arrows)

Player 3(left click-shoot) Move mouse (to navigate the tank to the desired direction)

This simple game is really engaging and addictive. Get a friend or two and play the online game today to enjoy the magic. I personally liked it so much that I rated it 4.3 stars the first time I played it.