Tank Trouble 1/Tank Trouble SWF

About the Game:
Tank Trouble 1 is a quick, simple online action game that you can play during a work break or any down time. The game can be found at www.tanktrouble4.com. It's pretty easy to learn, but very tough to master. The game includes 1, 2 and 3 player modes. In single player mode you are against the computer. In 2 and 3 player modes, you and your friends each use different parts of the keyboard and mouse. You play as a tiny tank shooter in a maze style map, moving around to try to hit the other player(s) with your shots. The maze is randomized every round, and each tank begins the round in a random spot. You use angles and physics to aim and bounce your shots off of the maze walls in order to nail your opponent. You earn a point each time your shot hits your opponent first.

Tank Trouble 1/Tank Trouble SWFControls:
Single player mode uses the directional keys on your keyboard to move, as well as the M key to shoot. In 2 player mode, one person uses these keys, and the other person uses the ESDF keys to move and the Q key to shoot. In three player mode, the third player uses the mouse to move and left click to shoot. These controls can take a few minutes to master, since they are slightly different than controls in other games.

Owning Your Opponents:
Tank Trouble 1 uses angular physics in the gameplay. You may need to have a basic understanding of angles in order to aim properly, as you're usually not shooting point-blank at your opponent. You can practice this in single player mode, although beware, the computer is a tough opponent. Another practice option is to play 2 or 3 player mode by yourself for a while. This way you can practice aiming at the other tanks while they're stationary. Once you have this technique down, you'll be able to strategize against your real opponent by placing yourself in a spot where they can't shoot you, but you can shoot them. If you're fast enough with the controls, you can get yourself to a position where you can shoot them point-blank, but this also gives them a direct shot at you. The better strategy is to quickly but carefully aim your shots to bounce them off walls and hit your opponent that way.

If you master these strategies, you can watch your score soar and gain bragging rights against your friends. Be fast, be strategic, kill some time (and some opponents), and most of all, have fun!