Tank Trouble 3: The Ultimate Tank Battling Game

If you love battle games, you can test your abilities with the most interesting tank battling game ‘Tank Trouble 3’, where 3 players can play it simultaneously. You can have a lot of fun, by controling your tank, in order to succeed in your mission in the battle field. In this game you have to carefully time your shots, as to be able to destroy your opponents. You can choose to play it solo or with your friends onlin. Actually, this game is the 3rd episode of the amazing tank fighting multi player game series. The only thing you need to do is to pay attention, fire against your enemies, clear out your way and try to finish all the tasks involved in the game. Keep in mind also that in this game the levels are randomly generated and every time you have to face something more interesting than the previous one.

Tank Trouble 3: The Ultimate Tank Battling GameInstrustions of the game

Tank Trouble 3 is a fun game, which is composed of 40 levels. In this battle tank game, you don’t have to worry about any deadlines or any other kind of restriction. Your aim in this game is to destroy the special evil powers, which are try to kill with their force tanks the innocents. So, you have to be ready to destroy all these powers in order to be able to win. This game has a number of amazing features. One of the best features is that this game world is changing continuously, which can be very challenging for you. It actually gives you the opportunity to be alert and have a lot of fun. You just have to overcome all the challenging tasks that are given to you. For example, every time you destroy one of the tanks of your opponents, you earn one point. Keep in mind also that in this 3r version game there is no targets score that ends the game. So, you just have to invent one with your opponents. Another great feature is that each time you destroy a tank, you teleport to a new maze battle ground.

Controls of the game

You can easily memorize the controls of this game. Simply make use of the arrow keys on the keyboard, in order to move your battle tank in the field. In order to shoot towards the tanks of your enemy, you have to press the M button, but first you have to face your tank in the direction of your enemy’s battle tanks. In this game you just have to be alert and you’ll soon learn how to navigate your tanks in the battle field. Just relax and enjoy one of the most exciting battle tank games.

In order to be able to win this game, you have to be ready to go in the battle and act quickly. The more tanks of your enemy you destroy, the more points you gain. At the same time, you can also get energy trucks, which can also help you destroy your enemy’s force tanks.